Dairy Queen has been supplying brain-freezes for a long, long time. The company is a leading franchisor of frozen treat stores with more than 5,900 quick-service restaurants, most of which operate under the Dairy Queen banner. Popular DQ ice cream treats include Blizzards, sundaes, and cones. Many of the stores also serve burgers, fries, and other items. In addition to its flagship chain, has about 700 Orange Julius locations offering blended fruit drinks and a small number of Karmelkorn stands that feature popcorn snacks.




Blizzard in a Waffle Cone

Blizzard fans have a new way to enjoy their favorite treats because Dairy Queen announced that its signature Blizzards are now available in a waffle cone. Any flavor Blizzard can be ordered with a fresh baked cone.

Dairy Queen Blizzards can also now be served in chocolate coated waffle cones.

It is easy to make these at home since you can easily find waffle cones in the supermarket.  To make the chocolate coated cones just dip them in  magic shell.

To make the blizzard base put some vanilla ice in a bowl and drizzle in a little bit of milk and stir to make the soft serve.  Then add what ever bits of cookie, cake or candy you like.  (See side bar for blizzard mix in ideas.)

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